Understanding NBN Internet Speeds: Which is Right for You?

Understanding NBN Internet Speeds: Which is Right for You?

NBN 12 plans are the cheapest and slowest internet plans. While these plans are basic, they still offer great speeds to a low or average internet user especially in households. Because these nbn deals are relatively cheap, you have to keep an eye on set-up fees, nbn router or modem fees, lengthy nbn bundles contract any other costs.

NBN 25 is an upgrade of the NBN 12; this plan offers up to 25 MBits per second. These unlimited nbn plans are great for typical usage such as streaming and browsing. You might have to spend up to $70 per month on these plans.

NBN 50 is right for heavy household usage. Whether you are using no contract internet or you are under long term nbn plans, NBN 50 is just right for your family. You can stream high quality movies, TV and even play online games with great ease.

NBN 100 is the fastest speed tier available in Australia. They are also the most expensive, and for good reason. These nbn bundle plans may cost you up to $100 per month depending on your provider. If you are hunting for nbn internet plans or nbn unlimited data for your business, this might be the best option.

If you want fast speeds, you will have to pay more. Some providers only offer the highest speed tiers and do away with all the others. Watch out for additional costs in whichever speed tier you choose. Again, watch out for extras that come with your nbn plans such as home phone and entertainment.

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